Thank you for considering Sydney Catholic Schools for your child. We invite you to submit your Application for Enrolment through the links below.

Before you get started watch this video to see our Executive Director and students take you through the simple application process, or you can download this flyer. It’s also a good idea to have the documents listed in the enrolment process ready to go.
Check your address on our School Finder to find what schools are available in your local area.

Is this your first child enrolling at a Sydney Catholic school?

You will need to create an account with us, please click on the button below to get started.

Already have a child attending a Sydney Catholic school?

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Before proceeding please ensure you have scanned/photographed the following documents as these must be uploaded in the online form:-

  •  your child’s birth certificate
  •  for secondary your school reports
  •  baptismal certificates (if you are of a Catholic background)
  • any visa/citizenship documents
  •  For a complete list please find them under the enrolment process on this page.